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Lyme disease in cats

Like humans, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease can infect cats. However, Lyme disease is much more common in dogs and humans and the illness is rarely seen in our feline friends. Add to this the fact that cats do not always develop symptoms and this can make reaching a diagnosis quite difficult. So how […]

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When Do Dogs Stop Growing?

Different size dog breeds tend to grow at different rates, so if your puppy is a toy breed, such as a Miniature Poodle, you may find that they are not too far from their adult size at six months old.  In contrast, if you have a giant dog breed such as a Great Dane, they will carry on growing for […]

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How to Stop Puppy Jumping Up: Top Tips Explained

It’s only natural for your puppy to jump up when they’re excited, but when left unchecked these can turn into habits that could have been avoided. So, when your pup comes home with you, start to teach the behaviours you’d like to see straight away. Remember though, they are not being ‘naughty’; they are just […]